Our Story

Longtime friends Kathryn Weinberger and Julie Weiss Schwartz, beauty experts with a combined over 40 years’ experience in the cosmetic industry met over fifteen years ago in NY working as executives for a large international beauty company. Since then their careers took very similar paths creating their individual beauty brands and consulting and helping to launch startup cosmetic companies. Kathryn is a busy makeup artist and beauty vlogger “Kats fab Finds” and has been a featured beauty expert for Fox 5 New York. Julie is a celebrity makeup artist and has her own management company “Beauty101” which has received numerous write-ups and awards along with her successful fashion and beauty blog “PhillyFashionistas”.

A few years ago Kathryn and Julie started noticing a trend; beauty products being made that addressed a multitude of emerging skin conditions. They were determined to discover not only the cause for these skin sensitives but why they were becoming so prevalent. After much investigating and listening to their clients, they learned these reactions were caused by several different types of inflammatory factors; environmental, topical, and systemic. This ignited a passion to research and discover powerful natural ingredients that have tremendous healing, anti-aging, and health benefits to the skin.

During this time Julie’s own experience with a mystery illness took her from being an extremely busy, active. a healthy person, to someone who was house-bound due to the unexplained debilitating lower back and hip pain. Through her experience of seeing many specialists, having numerous tests and getting no answers, she became frustrated and began to do her own research. She learned where there is pain, there is inflammation. She researched foods and ingredients that specifically help reduce inflammation in the body and she learned when you reduce inflammation, the body is able to function better and heal even faster. This put her on a path to recovery and inspiration.

As she started changing how and what she was eating, her body started to change both functionally and physically. She was still in pain but began to experience more symptoms that were completely different from just pain. Her body was put in such a healthy state from eating organic, fresh, anti-inflammatory foods that it began to detox itself.

This detoxification led to new found symptoms that had been suppressed from being desensitized. These symptoms finally led her to the proper specialist, diagnosis and treatment plan. After recovery, Julie felt better than ever and returned to her very active lifestyle with even more passion and zest for life. After seeing what tremendous results Julie personally had from eating an all-natural anti-inflammatory diet that helped to rebalance and heal her body, Julie and Kat were inspired to treat the skin with the same approach of rebalancing, hydrating, nourishing and reducing inflammatory effects on the skin. This was over a three-year mission of research, product testing and development to formulate a unique cocktail of powerful and all- natural nutrient-rich ingredients that will help to change the way the skin looks and functions.

Thus Beauty Releaf was born; an anti-aging company that focuses on the skins wellness and its ability to repair, balance, detox, and heals itself. This approach helps to slow and reverse the aging process. Julie and Kathryn believe if they can help return the skin to its healthiest state, anyone can have beautiful skin. With passion, research, and collaboration with chemists, their vision became a reality.